Sunday, September 23, 2007

Arrr!! Me day's been overrun by PIRATES! Shiver me timbers!

Last weekend, Mom, the kids and I traveled to Janelle & Kyle's house so Kyle and I could go to the WVU/Maryland game (LET'S GO MOUNTAINEERS!!). The game was Thursday, and then Friday Mom and Janelle and all the kids and I went to the fabric store and bought about 100 yards of different fabrics (seriously you should have seen the cutting ladies, I think they were appalled). We went home and started to sew...we made skirts for ourselves, and entire pirate costumes for each of the kids (yes, we even made the waist cinchers for the girls - we're THAT good). Mom actually got stuff to make herself some garb, but it turned out to be kind of a difficult pattern so she's going to take it to a seamstress so she can dress the next time...

The next time what, you ask?


Yes, we sewed til 3:30am and took four little pirates to the Maryland Renaissance Festival. This was the first time I had been to one with children - it had its ups and downs, lol! They wanted EVERYTHING they saw, of course...and I couldn't provide, of course.

However, they did have a great time playing with the Bubble Fairy, getting their faces painted, sliding down a GIGANTIC slide, playing at the park and RIDING AN ELEPHANT. Yes. I kid you not! Ethan was absolutely beside himself with joy. It was about the cutest thing ever!

At the end of the Faire, the Rogues always close the show at the Dragon's Inn Pub. I love them! And apparently, Meggie does too! She and I DANCED our hearts out and had a blast!

It was a lot of fun, and at the end of the day we were all exhausted.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Live to Ride

On Sunday while we were at Mom and Bill's for the birthday party, the kids decided they wanted to try out the motorcycle. All we had for them was a batting helmet, but considering they were only going right in front of the house at about 2mph, we figured that would be ok.

When he got done with that short ride, Ethan decided that he LOVED it and needed to go for a REAL ride. So we put Mom's helmet on him and Bill took him around the neighborhood. I just did a search - apparently there is no minimum passenger age in the state of WV. Wow. Anyway...THAT'S my baby! When he got back from that ride he said he understood why I loved it so much and why I want a bike of my own! LOL!

September birthdays

Mine is one of them!! WOOHOO!

We had our party on Sunday. The kids were adorable and the gifts were fabulous. Some pictures of my new jewelry... I *HEART* MYSTIC TOPAZ!! Cara and Grandma got me this fantastic ring.Mom & Bill got me this fantastic ring and necklace!! :banana:

Here's a pic of all four of us...

Mom - Sept 5, Tyler - Sept 18, Meg - Sept 3 and me, Sept 7.