Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Look! I'm doing it!

I think I've just felt like I haven't had much to say. But in truth, I could get on here and start typing and never stop. Which I don't really have time for! It's that time of year - dance pictures, year book, etc. Plus, I'm the Marketing Director for DanceMotion, a non-profit group in my area that helps make money to pay for dance. I'm so excited about the things Dance Motion has lined up for the next year, but I need to not get overwhelmed.

I'm pretty sure I'm going back to school... Did you know you can get grants for Master's Degrees now? I'm working with the financial aid counselor at Franklin Pierce University right now to find out how much I can get. If it's paid for in full...I'm going!

There's probably so much more I could say but I have a headache. LOL! :-D