Sunday, March 18, 2007

A challenge...

Blogging in general is going to be a challenge for me, but perhaps with these weekly photo blogs at SD, I'll be able to do it a little. Why is it a challenge? I'm convinced no one really cares what I have to say. :-) But here goes!

This week's challenge is to take a picture of a corner of your house and post it. I chose this corner:I chose this corner for a number of reasons. I think, aside from my scrapping area, that this is the most interesting corner in my house. There are a number of things that say a lot about me in this corner.

First, the shelves. So many things that are important to me are represented on those shelves! My family (my kids aren't there, but they have another spot in the living room), my friends - not all my friends of course, but there is representation. Performing arts - I love it, can't get enough. If I could go see a play, ballet, concert, Broadway show, SOMETHING every night of the week, I wouldn't be happier! Music - what would life be without it? Food - specifically Junior's Cheesecake here - but food in general. Yes, I struggle with my weight, but WHATEVER. Food is good. And dear old Mickey Mouse. One of the great loves of my life.

Then there's the photos. I love taking photographs. I don't claim to be good at it, but sometimes something freaky happens and I get some REALLY good shots!! These four are photos that I took in NYC, one of my favorite places on the planet. The top one is the cross that still stands at the WTC site. The 2nd one speaks for itself. The third is just a random artsy fartsy photo I took of Grand Central Station. The fourth is probably my favorite photo that I've ever taken of something that is not my children. I'm SO proud of that photo! The Statue of Liberty means so much to me, so this photo is my one true photographic accomplishment.

The last part of my corner is a canvas that my mom and sisters made for me for Christmas. It's all about...JUNIOR'S! Ok, yes, I obsess a little. I can't go to NYC without having Junior's at least once - and lo and behold, last time we were there we discovered there is a Junior's right in the theater district. Woohoo! The original is definitely the best all around for atmosphere and food, but any Junior's will do!

Hmmm...well I guess I've now blogged. :-) We'll see how this goes!